washing (uncountable)

  1. articles that have been washed, or are to be washed
    • My mother used to do the washing on a Monday
  2. The residue after an ore etc has been washed, or the liquid used to wash it; often plural
    • The washings have a higher concentration of metal

7 letters in word "washing": A G H I N S W.

Anagrams of washing:

Words found within washing:

ag agin ags ah ahing ahs ai ain ains ais an ani anigh anis as ash ashing aswing aw awing awn awns gain gains gan gas gash ghi ghis gi gin gins gis gnash gnaw gnaws ha hag hags hain hains han hang hangs has haw hawing haws hi hin hing hings hins his hisn hwan in ins is ish na nag nags nah nas naw nigh nighs nis sag sai sain san sang sangh saw sawing sawn sh sha shag shan shaw shawn shin shwa si sigh sign sin sing sinh snag snaw snig swag swain swan swang swig swing wag wags wain wains wan wang wangs wans was wash wha whang whangs whig whigs whin whins wig wigan wigans wigs win wing wings wins wis wish wisha

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